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Since their creation in 1966 the Savasa Printing Group has dedicated their entire effort to manufacturing labels pursuant to the strictest quality criteria. A philosophy which has made Savasa an undeniable reference in the labelling sector in Europe and America.

At Savasa we share a real passion for discovering new products, anticipating change, taking part in their creation. Developments experimented in recent years make us even more confident of our technology encouraging us to grow year after year.

We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2006, which we wish to share with our customers for whom we continue working day after day based on our spirit of constant improvement, our rigour with regard to quality policy and service guarantee.

Polígono Industrial 36
20170 Usúrbil
Tel.:+ 34 943 36 38 40
Fax:+ 34 943 37 62 26
Polígono Industrial El Henares
C/ Vasco Núñez de Balboa 52
19180 Marchamalo
Tel.: +34 949 24 75 50
Fax.: +34 949 22 94 20
Avenida Presidente
Castelo Branco, 505
César de Souza,
Mogi das Cruzes SP
Cep 08.820-460
Tel.: +55 0 11 47 92 42 14
Fax.:+ 55 0 11 47 61 67 04